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Looking for a perfect gift? Not sure what to buy? Choose a Felicity Lublin gift card, which allows you to make purchases in stores in our shopping center. Let the gift recipient make the best choice. Give them an elegant gift suitable for any occasion.

List of establishments that do not accept our gift card:

  • Lotto,
  • Orange,
  • Play,
  • Bank ING,
  • Bank Millennium,
  • mBank,
  • Kantor,
  • Pasmanteria 3 Motki,
  • IQOS,
  • Stacja Paliw Auchan,
  • Punkt apteczny Super-Pharm,
  • Quick Nails,
  • ITAKA,
  • TUI


A gift card is a great gift idea that gives the recipient a choice! Perfect for holidays, birthdays and family celebrations and as an elegant gift for co-workers or clients.

How does it work?

The card is a kind of a pre-paid electronic payment card. It enables safe and convenient payments in shops accepting MasterCard payments at Felicity Lublin. The top-up is a one-time use. Transactions can be made until the available funds are exhausted or the card expires (12 months from the date of purchase).

Where to buy the card?

The card can be purchased online or at the information desk. When you buy a gift card, you only pay the amount you load it with – any amount from 30 PLN to 1000 PLN. It is possible to load with a payment card or cash. No additional fees are included. The card becomes operational within 30 minutes of its purchase.

How to check the card balance?

You can check the balance in the following manners:

  • on the webiste
  • at the information desk on level 0 or online
  • by calling +48 12 251 82 11 (customer service)
  • by scanning the QR code on the back of the Card with your smartphone.